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The Missed Value of Long Tail SEO


Why target the Long Tail! The simple answer is there is whole lot of hidden value in your long-tail search results. Probably more than you think! What is Long Tail SEO? As site owners we would all like to get all the visitors needed to be successful using the most obviously related keywords relating to our business, products and services. … Continue reading

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Why Danny Sullivan hates SEO!

Profit from White Hat SEO

In Defence of the Search Engine Optimization Industry Danny Sullivan in a recent post entitled ‘Why People Hate SEO’ highlighted an issue that has bedevilled legitimate SEO practitioners since the beginning of time, well, about the last 15 years since its inception. Charlatans, Cowboys & Snake Oil Salesmen Agreeing with other comment contributors to the post, it has to be … Continue reading

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What impact does Social Media Sites have on SEO?

Google+ activity seems to top the list! Although, as the testers admit, the results have no real statistical significance and as such can’t be taken as definitive, they are indicative of what social media platforms just might be worthy of more attention. It’s not surprising that Google+ tops the list of sites which seemed to drive the most SEO value … Continue reading

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What should site bounce rate be?

What is your sites bounce rate? “Are you using any website analytics?” is not a question that you generally need to ask a new or potential client as it is easy enough to find out for yourself but it’s surprising just how many sites don’t! Even if Google Analytics is installed, asking, “What is your site’s bounce rate“, although a fairly … Continue reading

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Border Checks Row–Example of Google’s new freshness update!

The Freshness Update – Google’s newest algorithm change Google continues, in its opinion, to improve it search algorithm on the basis of providing the best and most relevant content to its customers, the general search public. In most instances they are small and incremental improvements that no-one particularly gets excited about but its recent updates, Panda earlier in the year … Continue reading

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Can cross domain canonical linking make a difference to content scraping?

Cross domain canonical linking now possible Although cross-domain canonical linking is now possible it was originally introduced to overcome the problem of duplicate content on one domain. Duplicate content is a topical issue particularly in light of the recent Google Panda algorithm update ostensibly designed to weed out content duplication sites of low quality. It was originally introduced to standardise … Continue reading

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