No matter if you are a big established brand or a start-up business, striving to gain maximum visibility on searches related to your field is always going to represent a challenge as you are competing with many other businesses.

Local businesses can increase their local search visibility by being location-specific with their SEO methods. SEO aids local companies in several ways; one of them is increasing their visibility.

Google My Business

Proper SEO strategies are a must for more increased visibility. Listing your business on Google My Business is as important as having your website. It affects your visibility more than merely being on Google.

If you are looking for more exposure and higher visibility, set up your Google My Business profile. It provides information about your business, like contact, location, reviews, average cost, and so on.

This information makes it easy for customers to find and visit your business. Nevertheless, to have the best Google My Business profile, you must ensure to optimize it.


Today, internet usage is more on mobile than on desktop, especially when it comes to local searches. Mobile searches have increased by 125% over the last two years.

And Google gives mobile-friendly sites more preference. At the same time, you should also ensure that your website has a good user experience to get high ranking. Google favours sites that are user-friendly in local search results, which can improve your sales from SEO.

Ensure that your visitors continue to view your content once they land on your website. Having engaged users might be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Focus on factors like site speed, content optimization, and user experience to enhance user engagement.

NAP (name, address, phone)

Setting your business up in social media and online directories is a good step toward improving local visibility.

However, it’s also necessary to take the time to check and see that there is uniformity in all online entries. For instance, don’t give the title, “Sweet Baker” on Google My Business and “The Sweet Baker” on Yelp.

Consistent Business Information across media

It applies to not only your business name but also your address and phone number

It can not only hamper your SEO but also confuse customers. The more consistent you are across online listings, the more trustworthy you will appear, resulting in more visibility.

Locally-Relevant Content

It is obvious you need to publish content that is authentic and related to your field. However, for local businesses, producing locally relevant content is also crucial.

For example, if you are a fitness instructor in Edinburgh, you can write a post with the title, “10 Ways to Eat Healthy in Edinburgh.” Including content that is relevant to the city is important for local businesses to gain more visibility.

There are many things that can be done to help! These are some additional areas to focus on:-

  • Directory Listings
  • Location Keywords
  • Unique Brand Name
  • Reviews
  • Eye-Catching Headlines

Content Review And Updates

Lastly but not lease! Updating and adding new content to your old posts can increase traffic by up to 106%.

Many people put more effort into writing new content and tend to forget to check the existing content to bring it up-to-date to keep it relevant, which is a mistake.

Checking existing content is critical because it helps determine which content is working for your website, see whether your content’s information is still correct or outdated, and assess if it is gaining ROI.

Auditing and updating your existing content is crucial; it can aid in your SEO strategy, it should be regularly done.

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