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Is SEO bad? No, but a penalty for over-optimised content!

Google will penalize if you over-optimize! During a recent SXSW panel Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google has been working on a new penalty that targets over-optimized or overly SEO’ed content. It will penalize sites that optimize for search engine ranking rather than specifically for relevance to entered search terms. Or put another way; not focused on ‘customer satisfaction’. He confirmed that … Continue reading

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In 2012 will Google change the way we market on internet?

Is Google becoming the competition? Brian Whalley, search marketer at HubSpot published a blog post on the HBR (Harvard Business School) Blog Network, entitled Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012, forecasting some of the things Google is doing that will impact on search marketing in 2012 and beyond. He highlighted three areas that will contribute to the changes outlined. … Continue reading

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What is your customer lifetime value?

Knowing your customer lifetime value is important! Lifetime Value (LTV) is the essentially the income/revenue that once a customer is aquired they will contribute to your business during the period of time they remain a customer and continue to buy from you. So, why is lifetime value important Knowing the contribution that an average customer makes to your bottom line … Continue reading

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QR Codes – Subway shopping, just one thing they are good for!

QR Codes – good for something, then! In an earlier post, entitled QR Codes: What good are they?, I listed a number of ways that businesses could utilise QR codes to help generate interest, leads and eventually, sales. For those who were maybe unsure of what they were, I used the example of supermarket checkouts to give an elementary explanation, where … Continue reading

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Why do you need a website redesign?

To redesign or not to redesign that is the question! No it’s not! The most important question to ask is why you think you need to have a redesign in the first place. I’m not saying that websites shouldn’t be the subject of a full redesign, if really necessary, but sometimes when the question is answered it turns out that … Continue reading

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100 facts that confirm the importance of Inbound Marketing

100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs Compiled by Hubspot Inbound Marketing they confirm the growing importance of inbound marketing technologies and platforms for today’s businesses both large and small (see slideshow below). Traditional Marketing Traditional or outbound marketing was based on who could shout the loudest and catch the attention of the often uninterested passer-by, be that by press, … Continue reading

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