Why target the Long Tail!

The simple answer is there is whole lot of hidden value in your long-tail search results. Probably more than you think!

What is Long Tail SEO?

Hidden value of Long Tail SEOAs site owners we would all like to get all the visitors needed to be successful using the most obviously related keywords relating to our business, products and services.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems associated with that approach:-

  • the most obvious are generally the most targeted on competitor’s sites
  • they are the most competitive
  • they are the hardest to rank for
  • your preferred keywords might not be the ones being searched for

Focusing all your time, effort and money, particularly if you are just entering the market or just launching your new website, will be an uphill and frustrating experience without the return expected or needed.

Long Tail SEO

Long tail SEO involves targeting less competitive and more specific terms and phrases which might not at first be obvious without some research. Potential visitors and customers don’t always think or conform to what you might like them to search for.

Your preferred and even obvious industry keywords or ‘head keywords’ are single- or two-word combinations.

Long tail keywords are phrases that are likely to contain 3, 4 or even more keywords.

Target your Long Tail

As you will see from the research in the infographic below they can represent 70% and more (see customer stats above) of the search volume compared with your ‘head’ terms. Long tail keywords are:-

  • easier to rank for
  • represent more combined traffic volume
  • more specific and targeted
  • easier to convert visitors to customers.

In addition to the above, targeting your long tail keyword combinations offers other benefits than simply driving more visitors to your site.

When you target a specific long tail phrase, in a new piece of content or blog post, research indicates they achieve higher search positions and move up the rankings faster than ‘head’ focused content.

Not only that, and more importantly, as they are more highly targeted they attract more clicks-throughs and their conversion rate is 2x+ higher than ‘head’ terms.

And, the result! When you target the Long Tail you will see better returns for your efforts more quickly.

But what Long Tail keywords to target?

You could brainstorm them and list all those your ‘think’ might relate to your business and give them a go!

As we know, however, your site visitors don’t always conform to your expectations, although in some cases they may very well, but often not and there are better ways.

Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools

Just as your existing customers are your best prospects for additional sales and revenue your existing site visitors are the best source to discover your own long tail keywords.

There was a time when Google Analytics (GA) would have been your best source but since the introduction of ‘secure’ browsing and the now infamous ‘not provided’ in your keyword listing it no longer is as insightful as it once was.

However, when linked with your Google Webmaster Tools account it still offers the opportunity to mine your keyword data to find your most valuable long tail keywords.

Not got the experience, time or knowledge to mine the data yourself? No problem!

Give us a call on 0843 849 2021 and sign up for our Long-Tail-Target Plan and for only £8.95/month, get your own targeted list of keywords delivered to your Inbox every week. All that is required is adding a little piece of code to your web site and we can do that for you too!

So, grab your long tail SEO keywords and take a leap ahead of your competitors!

The Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO

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