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Social Media Digest for Scotland & UK

Keep up-to-date with Social Media A digest of Twitter posts all about Social Media and related issues in both Scotland and the Uk. Hope there is something for everyone in there somewhere but if not just give us a call on 01506 517037 or fill in the wee form above and we can probably help you find out how best … Continue reading

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How Social Media Login impacts on Ecommerce Engagement

Social Media Login and Ecommerce Engagement It would appear from the most recent research is that more consumers are favouring using their social media account(s) to login to ecommerce sites in preference to a guest login/checkout process. It’s long been known that the need and sometimes even the requirement to create an account has been a point of friction and … Continue reading

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Is SEO bad? No, but a penalty for over-optimised content!

Google will penalize if you over-optimize! During a recent SXSW panel Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google has been working on a new penalty that targets over-optimized or overly SEO’ed content. It will penalize sites that optimize for search engine ranking rather than specifically for relevance to entered search terms. Or put another way; not focused on ‘customer satisfaction’. He confirmed that … Continue reading

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Facebook timeline for Business Pages is here!

Facebook business page timeline goes live! As suggested in earlier post regarding new Facebook timeline for personal profiles, and perhaps a bit sooner than expected, Facebook has launched it timeline for business pages. It follows along similar lines as your personal timeline with emphasis being given more to images (they are now shown larger in your status updates). The new … Continue reading

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Pinterest – is it a useful business tool?

Pinterest! Is it useful for business? With the amount of ‘talk’, blogs, tweets, posts etc about the newest social media platform, Pinterest, it is difficult to ignore so… A few weeks ago requested an invite (still by invitation although you can just request one) and was given access a couple of days later. Setup profile under business name ( and created/changed the … Continue reading

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Is Google+ catching up?

No Google+ business page yet? Maybe time to think about it! Social media is sometimes over-hyped and too much influence given to it, by what appears to be an increasing number of experts and gurus, some of whom just jump on any passing new bandwagon, and start to lay down untested and unverified rules of engagement! However, Social Media is … Continue reading

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