Social Media Login and Ecommerce Engagement

It would appear from the most recent research is that more consumers are favouring using their social media account(s) to login to ecommerce sites in preference to a guest login/checkout process.

It’s long been known that the need and sometimes even the requirement to create an account has been a point of friction and can often lead to cart abandonment and lost sales.

Help to minimise cart abandonment

Offering a social media login option could minimise cart abandonment. Although Facebook is the most widely used social media login used by 60% of shoppers, with 65% of internet users having a social media account with one of the major social media platforms, there is every likelyhood that your visitor will have one.

In addition they are often logged into Facebook, Twitter and increasingly Pinterest and makes it a simple and straightforward process to click on the button of their preferred social media account.

Increase social media engagement

There is also some evidence that social media visitors like, share and comment more about the sites and products they are interested in and offers increased opportunities for wider reach and user engagement.

How Do Social Login & Sharing Affect Ecommerce?Monetate Marketing Infographics

The above infographic from Monetate gives a overview of some of the main points indicating that if you have not considered using social media as a login option now might be the time to rethink.

A lot depends, of course, on your product market, user demographic and type of industry but that is where testing comes into its own to measure the impact for your own site.

Happy testing! Let us know how it goes and post below any results you think worth note!

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