Google+ activity seems to top the list!

Although, as the testers admit, the results have no real statistical significance and as such can’t be taken as definitive, they are indicative of what social media platforms just might be worthy of more attention.

It’s not surprising that Google+ tops the list of sites which seemed to drive the most SEO value given that Google owns it, it’s not taken off as Google might have liked, and they have the ability to give it more prominence in their search algorithms.

Whether that is justified or not we do live in a free market environment and rather than adopting a high moral position just accept that is the way the market works.

Google would argue, no doubt, that regardless of what social media signals are integrated into their search algorithm it is the results that count and their only objective is to return the most relevant search results to their customers.

And, their customers, at least for organic search, are the searchers not the searched.

Which Social Media Site is the Best for SEO (Infographic)

[Via: Geeky Stuffs]

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