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The 10 important elements for landing page design

What are 10 important elements for website landing page design Not every page a visitor arrives at is the home page (and it’s the one you have probably spent most time getting right). Organic search results could send a possible customer to a page deeper into your website (a page that may not be as highly optimised, focused or targeted). … Continue reading

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Have you done a WeWe recently?

I’m talking about your customer focus, nothing else, honest! When somebody asks US what it is WE do, at least most of US with a business to run, customers to find, leads to follow up and a host of other concerns, like most people WE  are quite able to rattle on about all the things WE think are important to US … Continue reading

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The power of an evocative message

Copywriting for conversion – small change, BIG effect!

We know that little things can make a big difference. Changes to a headline or other piece of copy can make or break an ad or the effectiveness of a landing page or indeed any web page.

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