Inbound Marketing in 2012

Hubspot is an acknowledged and leading supplier of inbound marketing automation and marketing software. They are often seen to lead the way in driving the concept that has turned marketing on its head.

Inbound Marketing v. Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Sales FunnelTraditional or Outbound marketing is predominently broadcast and interruption based seeking to attract the attention of the passer-by or passive viewer who is often neither interested or in the ‘market’ at the specific time of being confronted with the broadcasted message.

Inbound marketing has reversed that process and seeks to attract both receptive and interested potential customers by various methods, techniques and media platforms.

Inbound Marketing is an umbrella terms for all your online activities

For most small and medium sized businesses the investment in marketing automation may be outwith their budget but the concepts, processes and methods can nevertheless be adopted and many carried out quite successfully.

SEO, search marketing, email, social media are all represented under the umbrella of inbound marketing, contributing at different times in different ways in the process of finding, engaging, nurturing and eventually converting visitors into leads and paying customers.

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Inbound Marketing Report 2012

Posted last year, about the importance of inbound marketing backed by  information from Hubspot and the marketing resources they continually publish (they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk) are always of interest and worthwhile for any business providing valuable insights that can be acted upon.

This year’s Hubspot report is no different and the slides and the free report below highlight 20 new insights into inbound marketing’s continuing importance.

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There is even a free webinar you can sign up to for a deeper understanding of what you might be able integrate into your own marketing activities.

But be warned! If you signup you will then be entering the top of their marketing funnel. The silver lining is that you will be able to experience and perhaps get a better understanding of the process for yourself!

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