100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs

Compiled by Hubspot Inbound Marketing they confirm the growing importance of inbound marketing technologies and platforms for today’s businesses both large and small (see slideshow below).

Traditional Marketing

Traditional or outbound marketing was based on who could shout the loudest and catch the attention of the often uninterested passer-by, be that by press, magazine, billboard advertsing, direct mail, yellow pages and other forms of interuption marketing techniques or simply who had the biggest marketing budgets and able to out-buy the competition.

The Internet changes the landscape for ever

Shoppers, both business and consumer, have turned marketing on its head, and now actively search and seek out who they think can satisfy their needs.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing uses the power and the platforms available on the internet to find, satisfy and convert these searchers into your customers.

Search (seo), social media (twitter, facebook, foursquare etc), video, blogs all offer the online marketer, large or small invaluable opportunities to communicate and engage with potential customers.

Not a perfectly even playing field but…

The largest companies, organisations, corporations may just have an edge with their often mind-boggling marketing budgets but smaller companies can often compete with them by being more inventive, more flexible and be quicker to react or respond to changing markets and conditions.

Again, the internet makes that easier to keep your finger on the pulse with the many free or low-cost intelligence resources; Google InsightsGoogle Trends being just two of the free options out there.

Are you utilising all the available inbound marketing technologies and techniques at your finger tips? If so, which ones make the difference for you?

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