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Pinterest Doesn’t Generate A Lot Of Sales


Research by Amazon’s Zappos says Pinterest Doesn’t Generate A Lot Of Sales Twitter beats both Pinterest a Facebook even although shoppers are 13 times likelier to share an item they bought with friends on Pinterest than on Twitter, and 8 times likelier than on Facebook. So says Zappos Labs, the research arm of the Zappos online apparel site. They have … Continue reading

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Enforcement of cookie consent law for analytics not a priority

Analytics or feature based cookies are pretty low on enforcement scale As the deadline for the enforcement of the UK’s Privacy and Electronic Communications law looms even closer (26 May 2012) there has, at last, been some light and clarity about the rules surrounding the requirement of both informing and getting visitor acceptance of the setting of cookies and in … Continue reading

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EU Cookie Law – will you be prosecuted?

Impending enforcement of European Union Cookie Law directive! Last May posted an announcement by ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) that New Laws for the use of cookies that store online user information were to be introduced on 26 May 2011. The announcement made it clear that websites that don’t comply with the european law directive could be prosecuted with large fines … Continue reading

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What should site bounce rate be?

What is your sites bounce rate? “Are you using any website analytics?” is not a question that you generally need to ask a new or potential client as it is easy enough to find out for yourself but it’s surprising just how many sites don’t! Even if Google Analytics is installed, asking, “What is your site’s bounce rate“, although a fairly … Continue reading

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Multi Channel Reports Explained

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Back in August 2011 posted Multi Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics about the introduction of the new features and the possibilities they offered. Sometimes, particularly for site owners not steeped in analytics, they might not be as simple or easy to understand as they might be when clicking on the option for the first time. Mulit-channel funnel … Continue reading

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In 2012 will Google change the way we market on internet?

Is Google becoming the competition? Brian Whalley, search marketer at HubSpot published a blog post on the HBR (Harvard Business School) Blog Network, entitled Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012, forecasting some of the things Google is doing that will impact on search marketing in 2012 and beyond. He highlighted three areas that will contribute to the changes outlined. … Continue reading

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