What is your sites bounce rate?

Bounce Rate by Industry

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“Are you using any website analytics?” is not a question that you generally need to ask a new or potential client as it is easy enough to find out for yourself but it’s surprising just how many sites don’t!

Even if Google Analytics is installed, asking, “What is your site’s bounce rate“, although a fairly simple and straightforward question, it is often surprisingly answered with a questioning look!

Even if it is known it is often not fully understood or why it is important and their first question is generally, “What should it be then?”.

Their questioning look invariably returns when answered with “Well, it depends”! Perhaps, not too helpful but true all the same.

Visitor Engagement

It depends on a lot of factors; type of site, industry sector, page landed on, where the visitor arrived from (referrer) eg search, ppc, blog comment, social media (facebook, twitter, youtube, google+ etc).

In essence it is a measure of user engagement but the headline site bounce rate is not a good figure to focus or obsess about as is the case with much averaged site metrics.

The important level of analysis is at the page level and in identifying pages with the highest bounce rates and understanding why.

A page with a high bounce rate might simply mean the visitor found what they were looking for eg address, telephone number, contact details or location map on their mobile device.

However, on a content page it could indicate a mismatch between the searched for key phrases and the page content, a badly laid out page or confusing design.

The Infographic alongside from Kissmetrics give some insights and helps explain some of the factors contributing to bounce rate levels and what to do about some of them.

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