2013 – Year of Responsive Design

2013 – Year of the Mobile

They are not either/or predictions or indeed mutually exclusive! They are 2 sides of the same coin!

With the continuing growth of mobile usage, be it smartphones or tablets, it is the expectation of users demanding a unified and consistent experience across all the devices they have and use that is driving responsive design.

Mobile usage will drive the wider use and deployment of Responsive Web Design

Fluid, flexible & responsive web site design is not particularly a new concept; it has been available for a number of years although restrained by the technology that was used to create it.

What has given it the current buzz is the development of table-less design through the use of better CSS (cascading style sheets) specifications and support for emerging browser technologies enabling the user’s viewing environment to be identified, through media queries, and different CSS to be processed according to the browser size and resolution of requesting device.

The infographic below produced by Uberflip gives an outline of Responsive Design and why it’s the going to be one of the biggest marketing trends in 2013.

WebMedia now offers all new web site design clients the opportunity of adopting a responsive design approach.

Although marginally more costly it is effectively balanced out when realised it will help future-proof their investment.

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