Would you like an increase of 40% in shopping cart conversions?

Which e-commerce basket start page persuaded 40%+ more people to carry on with the checkout process during this Which Test Won test?

Shopping cart abandonment rates are a continual headache for web based shops and consistently run at about the 60% mark.

How just a few small alterations made a big difference

It’s tough enough getting new potential customers and disappointing if after they add something to their basket subsequently abandon not having completing the process.

Many reasons exist why they often abandon and without testing the shopping operation of your cart it is unlikely you’ll be able to do anything to fix it.

Which Test Won Cart Conversion Page

What’s your gut feeling – click graphic

Any site can do it!

It’s commonly thought that testing and analysis is excessively expensive and just for the major players but not neccessarily.

This test was done for a small e-commerce website Curious Country Creations and if they are able to find the budget to raise cart clicks by testing, you probably could as well.

If you would like extra targeted traffic and convert more of them to customers give us a telephone call on 01506 517037.

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