Eye tracking now available for all web sites

Testing web site useability has always been a valuable exercise to undertake but in the past has always been prohibitively expensive.

As such eye tracking analysis was only really available to the larger online business owner as it involved sophisticated tracking devices and the availability of test subjects similar to those being targeted as potential customers to get a actionable set of data to implement.


ClickTale has been providing visitor analysis tools for some time now which reveal the mystery of what visitors do on your webpages such as heat maps showing visitor interest, click maps providing click data, hover times and a wealth of data offering the ability to design and fine tune web pages and site information in a way that visitors both find of interest and interact with:-

  • Watch Movies of your visitors’ browsing sessions to analyze their behavior
  • Heatmaps show where visitors click, where they look and how far down they scroll
  • Link Analytics shows every interaction, hover, hesitation time, and much more
  • Form Analytics reveals problem fields in online forms that cause visitors to leave

ClickTale Mouse Heatmaps

Heatmap eye tracking

Eye tracking test. Spot the difference!

It emulates eye tracking testing by following the movements of the mouse around the screen which has been shown to have a 88/89% correlations with true eye-tracking test results.Still in beta, but available, their new Mouse Heatmaps brings eye-tracking within the realm of almost every serious web site owner.

That’s a pretty close correlation and can provide a lot of real actionable insights into the effectiveness of your page, site design and information layout to help

  • Optimize landing pages
  • Maximize conversions of online forms
  • Minimize shopping cart abandonment
  • Simplify web usability testing

There are a range of pricing options depending on your traffic/pageviews and a free account version which is a great starting point to test it all out.

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