Facebook business page timeline goes live!

As suggested in earlier post regarding new Facebook timeline for personal profiles, and perhaps a bit sooner than expected, Facebook has launched it timeline for business pages.

It follows along similar lines as your personal timeline with emphasis being given more to images (they are now shown larger in your status updates).

The new Facebook Pages Timeline allows you to:-

Brand your Page
Add a unique cover photo and showcase your most important news on your Page timeline.

Highlight what matters
Pin a new post to the top of your Page each week so people notice what’s important.

Manage everything in one place
See and respond to your recent activity and private messages right from the top of your Page.

So down to business! How to set it up and get started

There is no point in re-inventing the wheel as Hubspot have already done that in getting The Complete Guide to Setting Up the New Facebook Page Design out within hours of the launch so to get the low-down on what, where and how to do things click on the link above or here.

It is pretty straightforward but take care to read the bit about what Facebook highlights is not acceptable to include in your cover images.

Best Practices For the New Page Design

In addition to the tried and tested Facebook marketing best practices you’re likely already using, here are a few additional ones to add to your list, brought to you by the brand new page design.

1) Publish More Visual Content

2) Feature Custom Tabs in Views & Apps Toolbar for Lead Gen

3) Edit Images That Appear in Your Views & Apps Bar

4) Make Sure Your Best Posts Appear on Your Timeline

5) Pin New Featured Promotions Every 7 Days

In addition to following the guidelines in the guide by Hubspot a good idea would be to take the tour for a bit of insight.

Have already updated & published a couple of clients Facebook pages (they can be seen here):


Let us know how you get on in the comments below. Or, if you have any questions post them too!

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