Bing powered search results gain ground on Google

Until recently, although many SEO‘s still considered Bing & Yahoo, they tended to focus and concentrate on achieving good search page rankings on the Google search platform. And, for good reason, in that it was the dominant search engine commanding over 80% of the search market.

But, the search times are a changing…

In the last few months Bing powered search results have taken market share from Google and now represent 30% of search volume.

Search engine market share

Search engine market share

According to the latest Experian Hitwise data, Bing and Yahoo both grew more than 5% in March and now combine for 30.01% market share.

If the trend continues, and it just might, we will all have to rethink our SEO tactics and start optimising more with Bing in mind. It’s algorithms weight on- and off-page elements differently and we may find there is need to modify our content creation strategy to help potential visitors and customers find us on both search platforms.

A word of caution

One of the dangers is that we start to optimise for search engine positioning and forget what the primary objective is!

And, that is to satisfy customer expectation and answer the questions they are asking when they search regardless of the search engine used.

Have you found more of your site visitors are coming from Bing and Yahoo? Hopefully, you keep track of your visitor metrics in your favourite analytics application. If not, you should be!

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