Rich Snippets microformatsLast June published a post Google, Yahoo & Bing adopt new web coding microformat highlighting the adoption by the then major search engines of support for’s micro-formats.

Finished the post with the question:-

But the real question is, If we don’t implement the new coding schema, what impact will it have on our search page results rankings? Will pages more fully implementing the new standard be ranked higher for being more considerate to our search masters?

Although not a lot has been heard since it is being adopted and is starting to impact on search results. The following infographic gives an insight into their use and impact.

Guide to Rich Snippets by BlueGlass Interactive on SEOmoz
Visual Guide to Rich Snippets on SEOmoz created by BlueGlass Interactive.

There is some research to indicate that sites implementing rich snippets have seen a 20-30% increase in click-through and for an ecommerce site that would contribute to higher conversions.

So, the takeaway has to be that we need to look more seriously at how best to integrate and implement rich snippets into our search marketing strategies.

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