Today, just about everyone is doing content marketing. But not everyone is doing it right.

More than 90% of marketers are using content marketing.

These marketers spend a whopping 33% of their marketing budget on content marketing. But there’s a problem: Many businesses are totally inept at blogging.

In a 2013 survey, researchers discovered that only 1 in 8 businesses had an “updated” blog. What does “updated” mean? It means at least three posts in the last year.

But, keeping it up-to-date is only part of the problem. Regardless of whether you post 3 times a year or 3 times a day if the blog post is not structured properly the effort made is largely waste of time and money.

Blog ChecklistSome of the essential elements to consider for every post:-

1. The blog is not updated
2. The blog doesn’t have a timestamp
3. The blog doesn’t have images.
4. The blog completely lacks structure.
5. The blog has no call to action.
6. The blog features no original information.
7. The blog is brain-numbingly boring.
8. The blog is not responsively designed.

There is not point just throwing any old blog post together and a little thought given will reap benefits in the long run.

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