More than ever, consumers are shopping on mobile devices. But the e-commerce experience is often disappointing and doesn’t give the shopper the experience they need to complete their purchase.

Many people who browse ultimately don’t buy because of three common mobile site mistakes. This creates revenue opportunities for retailers who take action and the time to get it right.

Sometimes shopping on mobile sites feels like Alice in Wonderland. Exactly like Alice, you see something that catches your attention but when trying to find the right choice you end up down a rabbit hole!

Smart phones have become an integral part of everyday life

And mobile commerce has accelerated even more particularly during 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As an example, in the UK in 2020, every second an online purchase was made using a mobile device which is an impressive statistic. An opportunity you might be missing out on!

However, three people out of 10 who started to search for something to buy online, also ended up not purchasing anything at all. And it all comes down to a poor user experience.

This actually adds up to considerable revenue opportunities for retailers that, at least, try to get it right.

Google Research identified three major pain points that customers most frequently encounter.

Number one is scrolling fatigue. This is the biggest pain point identified.

Finding the best option out of hundreds can be felt as repetitive and aimless especially if you’re searching on a mobile phone.

You can usually only see one or two products at a time when you are using your mobile device.

Number two is unfulfilled autofill.

It can be highly frustrating for customers if they can’t easily retrieve their personal information like payment details.

Nobody feels comfortable pulling out their credit card particularly if they are in a public space or maybe don’t have their card details to hand. And even if they have it, well, filling a tiny form on a small screen is just not convenient.

The last pain point is site speed.

Even a fraction of seconds can lead to some friction for websites’ users. And friction leads to frustration.

Unless they are fully committed to buying the product a frustrated customer won’t stick around to complete the final checkout process.

Providing an enjoyable shopping experience is crucial for brands. If customer ends up like Alice did, down a rabbit hole, don’t expect them to come back soon. And, they could be lost forever!

But if you provide them with a positive experience, well, there’s a good chance that they’re going to spend time and purchase on your website and hopefully come back again in the future.

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