Are you answering your visitors questions?

Every search made by a prospective customer or client is asking a question of one sort or another.

They are searching because they want or need to find out about something. They might want to find out where something is or who knows about it.

They might be interested or just browsing. Or they may have an urgent need.

Every time someone carries out a search, they are asking a question and search engines answer questions:-

  • Where can I find it?
  • What does it cost?
  • Who can I get it from?
  • Can I get it online?
  • Is is available locally?
  • What does it mean?
  • Why is this important?
  • How or who can fix it?
  • and a whole lot more besides…

If you are lucky enough to have convinced them to click on your ad or search result that’s not the end of it!

They continue to ask questions:-

  • Should I read the rest of the page?
  • Is this important to me?
  • Should I trust this company?
  • Why should I buy from them and not their competitors?
  • Why should I contact them?
  • Why should I take out my credit card and buy from them?

Does your web site answer all or any of these questions?

You know what you should be saying to a new visitor. Think about how you interact the first time you visit a new web site!

Unless your prospects have already visited or know your company, just saying Welcome and stating your company name doesn’t encourage you and won’t encourage them to continue reading your copy or dig deeper vinto the content.

With literally millions of companies all claiming to be “simply the best” at whatever, such over-hyped statements will do little or nothing to establish either your company’s credibility or ability to provide the help or information they are looking for.

Apply the same approach to your prospect!

They are looking for something, they want your help, but first they want to know:-

  • Can you help them?
  • Why they should do business with you?
  • Why should they believe any claims you make?
  • Why should they contact you?

It might be you have answered their questions but not at the point when they are asked? Very often it is way down the page, hidden in your copy or elsewhere on other pages eg Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or couched in legal or meaningless jargon?

Don’t take your customers for granted

Never assume that visitors will be interested enough to take the time to search for the answers. They, like you, are busy people and unless given a good reason to make the effort, you, I or your visitors and prospective customers are unlikely to go looking for it.

Make it obvious and up-front!

Research shows that you have less than 10 seconds to convince a first-time visitor that they are in the right place, on the right site and you have what they are looking for!

Answer the questions you want answered when on the other side of the fence and searching for something yourself.

Answering the question why before its asked will help generate more leads and more business from your web site. Tell prospects why they should continue reading your marketing message, why they should trust you and why they should buy from you.

By answering the questions your prospective customers are asking helps them over that first important hurdle of earning their confidence and their trust and the first steps towards getting their business.

Why should I contact you?

Take a look at your web site, analyse your web statistics, identify the keyword/page combinations with the highest bounce rates.

Ensure the headline confirms why and what brought them to that particular landing page. Encourage them to continue reading the second and next line or sentence.

Lead them through the process with your marketing copy and give them that irresistable urge to phone, email or go-get their credit card and click your call to action!

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