Google announces a new web image format to rival jpeg

Google is attempting to launch a new image file format called WebP which is claims is just as good as jpeg with a 40% file size reduction.

Google estimates that 65% of web properties on the web are images representing a quarter of the total amount of data accessed and transferred on the web.

A change to the WebP format for the web could result in a 26% spreed increase?

Given the widespread use of the jpeg format on the web for ‘quality’ images there is some dispute as to whether it could or will catch on!

However, it may come a lot quicker than it would if it were just another image format!

Google now factors into it’s search algorithm ‘load speed’ with large, graphics overheavy sites being penalised or so their statements claim.

I don’t think that it has, at present, made a signifcant impact on rankings but might, just might, if Google starts making it bite a bit deeper.

It might be that Google will not just penalise some sites with lower rankings but just might raise others which are perceived to bring a better experience to its search users.

And, those sites that start to migrate to the new WebP standard might just gain an advantage.

A lot of ifs, buts and mights but time will tell and SEOs need to be aware and watch theirs and their clients rankings.

Story originally published in Mashable

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