Google experimenting with real-time search engine

To be honest it was launched last December but has been getting trialled and you can now try it out for yourself.

It’s described as combining features from both Twitter and Facebook offering updates similar to Twitter and conversations like Facebook.

As a application Twitter is great for quick and simple posts and updates but not great at following related activity.

Filtering built in!

It includes the same features that have been getting rolled out on a regular basis without a great deal of publicity (just on of an estimated 5-200 experiments taking place on the search engine on a continuous basis) eg

  • geography
  • timescale, hours, days & years
  • with and without images
  • shopping sites
  • and whole lot more…

Google’s testing was spotted by independent SEO consultant Rob Ousbey, who posted the video below demonstrating the real-time updating of search engine page results as new queries were typed:

On his blog, Ousbey said: “Earlier today, I noticed that my Google results were centered in the middle of the page. This evening, I spotted that you don’t even need to hit the ‘Search’ button anymore – Google updates the results for you while you’re typing.

“I recorded this quick video to show the SERPs page changing as I amend my query.”

Google is continually innovating, primarily to stay ahead of the competition like Bing and Yahoo, but still maintains that it is the provision of relevant search results that is its main objective.

At present Google Realtime has its own dedicated site but as the above video indicates it may be rolled out universally over time as part of its basic search facilities.

Time will tell how it both affects the searches and the way we use search and how it might affect its other paid search offerings.

You can try it yourself here Google Realtime Search.

Here’s what the Google development team had to say:-

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