More Google Analytics updates/improvements

Google continues to try and improve and make more relevant all its offerings whether that is search based or in this case relating to its free Google Analytics.

With all the Panda updates that have gone on this year alone it is sometimes difficult for many site owners to understand the real impact these may have had unless careful and detailed analysis is taken to understand their visitor behaviour. Google Analytics helps you do just that.

The 3 listed below have been introduced this month in December. The first two are probably of more use with the third showing Google’s Analytics growing use throughout the world.

Site Speed Reports

Site Speed Reports

Learn which pages on your site load slowly. Slow loading pages often cause visitors to leave in frustration.

You can check out the Site Speed reports and see average load time by page. They can be found in the “Content” section under the link “Site Speed”. More details & information can be found on Google’s Help Center.

Webmaster Tools in Google Analytics

Google Webmaster ToolsUnderstand more about your site’s performance by simply importing information from Google Webmaster Tools into Google Analytics.

Get SEO insights and understand how your site drives user engagement from Search (impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and average position).
Step by step instructions can be found here.

World Map of languages supported by Google Analytics

Expanded support for 40 Languages

Google Analytics is now available in 9 additional languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Croatian, Hindi, Latvian, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian and Ukrainian.

Have you used any of them yet and have you gained any real insights?

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