When planning traffic strategy for your website in 2020, you will be right to include strategy for social media and search engine.

However, if push comes to shove, and you have to choose between investing in search engine optimisation or social media, which is the best one to choose?

Without a doubt, you should invest in search engine marketing, here are some of the reasons why you will be wise to spend your tight budget on search marketing, as oppose to social media marketing.

1. Result from search traffic last longer

2. Search engine marketing is cheaper

3. Search marketing is a slow and steady race

4. You can make changes again and again

5. Search engine content is like one ring to rule them all

One of the main issues with Social Media is that any activity undertaken is transient and flashes by sometimes un-notiiced by your target audience. It can also be difficult to monitor the success of your interactions.

Likes, Comments & Shares are all well and good but what impact do they all have on your bottom line. And, that’s where it matters! Another issue is that you don’t own or control how your content is used; the platform does!

SEO and Search Marketing happens on your owned media, your website and you own it, control it and can monitor how it performs and change what doesn’t.

Though this article flagged up the advantages of search engine marketing over social media marketing. There are also many advantages social media marketing has over search engine marketing.

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