Google announces new paid search reporting facilities but there are concerns

On March 26 Google, in their Inside Adwords blog announced the introduction (beta) of Search Funnels.

Search Funnels introduce a new level of reporting which show, among other data, the ad click and impression behavior that relates to and contributes to the process leading to a final conversion.

Although a welcome addition for PPC paid search marketing the announcement has raised a few concerns from industry professionals as it involves the sharing of conversion data.

Search Funnels consist of 7 reports including Assisted Conversions, First and Last Click Analysis, Time Lag, Path Length in addition to a Top Conversions report.

Google says,
“Currently, conversions in AdWords are attributed to the last ad someone clicks before making a conversion, masking the fact that many customers perform multiple searches before finally converting. AdWords Search Funnels help you see the full picture by giving you insight into the ads your customers interact with during their shopping process.”

The video, below, gives an overview of these new reports:-

By showing which ads your customers clicked on and the search terms (your keywords) used, path followed and time taken before ultimately converting, Search Funnels give a more complete picture of the value of your keywords, ad groups and campaigns.

It has been long recognised that searchers do just that and it may take a few days and a number of searches before they decide where, what and when to buy.

Better understanding will lead to better conversions

Google’s Search Funnels will help in identifying the steps taken in the conversion process enabling a better understanding of visitor behaviour with the ability to better target campaigns.

I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel and that goes for explanation as well.

Craig Danuloff, CEO of ClickEquations, gives a comprehensive outline of both the pros and cons associated with implementing the technology in the ClickEquations blog and well worth the read.

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