10 important elements for landing page design

Not every page a visitor lands on is your home page (which you have probably spent most time getting right).

Organic search results can often point a potential customer to a page deeper into your site (a page that might not be a well optimised).

Landing pages not only important for PPC advertising

Landing pages are often discussed and are extremely important in relation to PPC advertising but are an equally important consideration for almost every page on your site.

The following is a great checklist of what is important for an effective landing page (taken from TheGrok):-

  1. Logo
  2. UVP or UCP
  3. Headline
  4. Offer
  5. Descriptive copy
  6. Product/service presentation
  7. Calls to action
  8. Confidence building
  9. Link to more information
  10. Template elements

A full explanation of the reasons each of the above is important and why is outlined on Bryan Eisenberg’s TheGrok site.

Not all are as essential as others but the glaringly obvious is sometimes the hardest thing to see!

Maintaining the ‘scent’ from search keyword to landing page copy

What is important, and highlighted in relation to ppc and ad copy, is the scent of motivation for clicking on ad and following through onto the landing page so the ‘aroma’ draws the visitor in and towards the required goal.

It also plays a part in relation to every page of a site. The same relevancy of scent can be applied, albeit to a lesser degree, for organic search landing pages. As highlighed, above, not all visitors land on your home page.

Well scented pages will reduce bounce rate and increase visitor satisfaction

Poorly optimised pages result in high bounce rates as the term/keyword scent is not followed through effectively on the page.

Bounce rate is a simple and easy measure of page effectiveness. Well themed pages will reduce bounces and increase the opportunity for conversion.

It is not too difficult, with analytics, to identify the sending keywords for any visited page and either modify the page or create another which is more tightly focused and maintains the scent trail.

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