Google video explains the effect of Quality Score (QS)

Much has been discussed, written and explained both here and elsewhere about how Quality Score impacts your Adwords PPC advertising.

Google keeps all things pretty close to their chest so when they make the effort and take the time to give a few insights into their thinking, in this case the Adwords’ Bid Auction process, we should all take the time and make an effort to listen.

If you are a advertiser or campaign manager it is essential watching if for no other reason than to confirm what we already believe we know about the way Quality Score works.

Quality Score straight from the horse’s mouth – Google’s

Hal Varien, Google’s Chief Economist, in the video gives and outline overview of the workings of Quality Score in determining in terms of when, where and what price each click is charged when your ads are displayed in Google.

Although much of the above might not be entirely new it does emphasise the importance Google places on relevancy right through the whole process from initial search term to landing page.

It has been acknowledged for some time that landing page quality is a factor in QS calculation but interestingly, and if the pie chart is proportional, it would appear that it might contribute more than thought.

Whereas previously believed that as long as the landing page was not ‘bad’ or misleading there was not much more to be done in relation to it, the references to user experience, load speed, navigation and other on-page factors might just support that view.

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