Google Analytics Multi channel reports are now live

Google multi channel funnel reports

The long awaited and much needed multi channel reporting facility is now available when using the new version of Google Analytics.

Marketers will now be able to see and attribute value to the different channels which contribute to a customer conversion.

When a customer makes a sale or completes some other conversion action on your site the tradition or standard attribution was credited to the most recent link or ad clicked.

However, as we know from the stats we had and research on customer behaviour in the sales funnel purchase decisions happen via multiple touch points across multiple channels and not necessarily on first or last click made.

Measuring contributions solely on the last channel that a customer interacted with before final conversion gives an incomplete picture potentially missing out on important opportunities to reach and engage with your customers.

An overview of the new channel reporting from Google can be seen here:-

Now, making the move to the new Google Analytics version and user interface makes more sense. There is still some other functionality needed but as it stands now it is more attractive.

Have you started using the new Google Analytics version yet?

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