Mobile eCommerce is growing at a rate-of-knots!

But are retailers taking advantage of this next frontier for new customers and the opportunity for higher conversions?

The answer seems to be a resounding no, or at least, not yet!

The infographic below, analysing mobile conversions, shows that most marketers have been slow to adopt and adapt to the opportunities offered by the growing uptake of mobile use whether that be tablet or smartphone.

The main points are:-

  • Less than 42% of retailers have mobile marketing strategies in place Tweet this
  • Only 38% of retailers have seen measureable success from mobile marketing efforts Tweet this
  • For 54% of retailers, mobile makes up < 20% of total sales Tweet this
  • 71% of retailers’ mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop Tweet this
  • 88% of retailers have mobile optimized sites, only 38% have a mobile app Tweet this

There is no real argument that mobile is growing. We see it in the analytics of all our clients, not just ecommerce. It is seen across the spectrum but there are differences.

Not all ecommerce site demographics are the same

The difference are not only between non-ecommerce and ecommerce sites, although there is a difference, it also in large measure relates to the type of site and its demographic.

Client mobile profile %In one client’s case, tablet & phone visits represent 75%+ of user sessions mainly due to the demographic!

They are in the baby/childenswear segment with the visitor profile mainly female in the 25-44 age group.

It’s not surprising they see such a higher percentage of mobile/tablet visits.

Their customers are in the demographic where mobile and tablet use is the norm. They are primarily young, new and potential mums.

Having said that, sales and conversions are, based on last click attribution, still lower on mobile devices although seeing a 50%+ higher revenue split between the segments.

It may be that initial search, browsing is being done on mobile devices with final checkout carried out on home desktop. Could relate to ease of process on mobile or still some concerns about safety & security.

That’s research that needs to be done and improvements made to the mobile experience as, if the case, conversion opportunities will be getting lost in the process.

Ecommerce landscape 2014These findings were taken from the 2014 Technology Trends in Retail Report, compiled earlier this month by the eTail team.

Are you a retailer? Do you have a mobile strategy?

How does your conversion rate compare between different platforms?

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