Reputation not Price!

Of those surveyed only 26% said price was most important factor.

28% of more than 1,300 online users surveyed by Webcredible said that, despite the recession, reputation of the retailer was more than price when buying online mainly because of security fears.

Research published last week conducted by Webcredible, a user experience research & design consultancy, indicates that security is still a big fear for online shoppers.

Online fraud main fear

Internet users are increasingly aware of the potential for online fraud and concerned that the site they are buying from is as safe as possible.

Third most important factor was the look of a website with only 16% saying it was the biggest influence and 15% saying ease of use was the most important.

It’s been long recognised that price is a key factor in online shopping rather than bricks & mortar retailers but the research reveals that many respondents regard security as the main criteria.

Office of Fair Trading Poll supports findings

Supporting these survey results as the biggest reason UK consumers do not shop online is a recent survey by the Office of Fair Trading who polled more than 2,000 people which suggested that 23% of UK consumers do not shop online because of security concerns.

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