Cart Abandonment is a major problem for most ecommerce sites

Ecommerce abandonment rateCart abandonment continues to be be writ large in the minds of almost all ecommerce site owners. If it’s not you are either not aware of it or don’t care about it and losing sales every day of the week.

Or, you are one of the few retailers that are doing everything just perfectly that it’s not a problem! If you are in the last category you are very likely in a minority of one!

For the majority of us it is a major problem as the average rate of abandonment continues to run between 55 to 75%. And, with averages in that range there are some winners and a lot of losers!

7 issues that contribute to cart abandonment

Chart abandonment happens when a visitor either adds a product to their shopping cart without continuing to checkout or starts the checkout process but doesn’t complete it!

There could be many different reasons why and it’s not possible or practical to try and uncover them all but there a number of identifiable areas that are known and often within our ability to change.

In the infographic below, by Conversion Voodoo, 7 of them are highlighted:-

  1. The shopper is just browsing
  2. They don’t trust the site
  3. Checkout process too complicated
  4. Requirement to create an account
  5. Shipping/delivery times too long or not stated
  6. Shipping/delivery cost too expensive
  7. Returns process too complicated, not clear and/or expensive

and offer possible solutions to minimise their affect.

Unfortunately, not all ecommerce applications or packages have the functionality of easily implementing them without professional help but addressing just one or two of the above areas could have a significant impact on your bottom-line.

Rather than seeing any costs associated with making some of these changes as an overhead they  should be viewed as an investment. And, good investments result in good returns!

Conversion Voodoo – Shopping Cart Abandonment
Infographic by Conversion Voodoo

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