Website optimisation – what good can it do?

Two sides of the same coin

SEO and WSO are two sides of the same coin! Both work to ensure your web site is successful but in different ways.

SEO builds traffic and drives visitors to your site and WSO converts them to paying customers & clients.

Neither is more important than the other

Wev Site Optimisation with Google Analytics/Google Optimizer

SEO does come first but only to attract interested visitors.

Ideally, both should be undertaken at the very beginning but unfortunately, many web designers are more interested in the visual impact only, failing to address or build-in SEO functionality.

Or lay the foundation for future analysis, testing and conversion.

A WebMedia web site does both!

Designed from the ground up with you in driving seat WebMedia will ensure your copy and content is SE friendly and optimised to convert visitors to customers.

Analytics is built-in so from the very outset you can judge its effectiveness and contribution to your business objectives, profitability and bottom-line.

If you would like more customers than just visitors give us a ring on 01506 517037.

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