Using psychology in the conversion funnel

The secret to more sales is understanding what it is your customer wants and offering either a product or service to satisfy that need. In fact, some would say it is the first ‘law’ of marketing.

Ethically persuade more customers to say Yes!

The following are 10 approaches towards that goal based on a psychological understanding of the desires and motives of your site visitors:-

  1. Help Customers Break through “Action Paralysis”
  2. Embrace the Power of Labels
  3. Understanding the 3 types of buyers (personas)
  4. Highlight strengths by Admitting Weaknesses
  5. Use Urgency the Smart Way
  6. Make their Brain Light Up ‘Instantly’
  7. Make an Enemy!
  8. Stand for Something
  9. Be the Devil’s Advocate
  10. Keep ‘em on Their Toes

The infographic below (from Help Scout) expands on all of the above tactics you can employ to keep engagement going with your site visitors.

You don’t have to employ them all only the ones that you can implement easily and some are relatively easy to do in the first instance.

But, the important thing to remember is, as always, implement them on a progressive basis and test and test again to ensure the effort is worth cost!

Do you already use any of the above suggestions and how successful have they been for you?

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