Video display ads expected to lead growth in digital publishing

Results from the yearly census of the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) (published 17 March) reports that a good number of the country’s largest online participants have started this year with a renewed sense of confidence.

Digital publishers in the United Kingdom expect to see a considerable increase in display advertising revenues in 2010, driven by growth opportunities around online video media according to the published report.

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Online video display advertising

The main growth areas are predicted to be in display advertising, with online video specifically predicted to see appreciable growth this year withing that segment.

More than 1,500 online publications were represented in the study, completed by all 37 core AOP member organisations.

Advertising sales is confirmed as an important area for almost all respondents, with 48% indicating it is a top-three goal for their organisation.

This compares to 33% that consider editorial expertise as a top-three priority, as well as 25% who view database and data analysis competencies in the same vein.

Of the participants, 75% were preparing to grow overall investment in their digital businesses, and more than 50% intend to raise staff levels.

This snapshot of the online digital marketplace echoes business forecasts, with WPP’s GroupM forecasting expansion of about 7.3% for digital advertising expenditure during 2010.

Focus on mobile advertising & marketing

Mobile advertising (75%) is seen as a main growth area where most media businesses are likely to be investing in 2010 together with cross-media (53%).

Additionally, more than 40% of media organisations will also invest in database and audience profiling and development, video, advertising operations and the core skills of editorial, sales, research and marketing.

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