Mobile use sees further substantial growth

In the most recent IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and PricewaterhouseCooper’s annual report it indicated that despite an overall decrease in ad spend mobile advertising rocketed. (Brand Republic Report)

It has shown a 32% year-on-year increase to £37.6m in 2009. It is not entirely surpising that it was entertainment, media and telecom brands that were driving growth.

Entertainment and media brands accounted for the bulk with 61.5%, followed by telecoms at 14.7% and finance at 8.1%. Consumer goods accounted for only 3.2% of the mobile ad spend.

Growing mobile internet use was a significant factor with 21% more people accessing the internet using mobiles every month spending upto 32 minutes a day surfing on their mobiles.

iPhone boosts mobile browsing

As highlighted in earlier mobile search post the iPhone has fuelled the boost in mobile browing and the indications are that it will only continue.

It might be the time to start thinking about the implications for our own web marketing activities so as not to lose out on this potential new opportunity. Give us a call on 01506 517037 and see how mobile search could boost your business.

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