Google outlines the theory of display advertising using ideas taken from science

Google’s Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management, confirmed their long-term future will be based on display advertising and over the last 6-9 months have outlined their vision.

In a blog post last September, he and Barry Salzman, Managing Director of Media & Platforms, stated, “We think that display advertising has a pretty exciting future and we’ll continue our work to make it even better”.

In a post, only yesterday, he outlined their rules of display advertising, using 3 ideas taken from physics:-

  1. The Theory of Relativity: The distinction between different advertising technologies (like ad networks and demand side platforms) is blurring. Each of these technologies provides similar ways to achieve your marketing goals, depending on how you want to manage your campaign.
  2. Fusion Theory: There’s a few different ways to deliver ads to people. Each on their own is powerful, but combining these different ways unlocks the best results.
  3. The Law of Perpetual Motion: New technology is driving rapid change in display advertising—which is constantly improving marketers’ creative palettes and the way that ads are bought and sold. Embracing new media and technology provides a key way for marketers to differentiate and grow their businesses in a new universe.

Video and rich media will drive the expansion

They predict that by 2015, 50 percent of targeted ad campaigns will include video ads bought on a cost-per-view basis where the advertiser only pays if the visitor watches with 50% of these being bought on a real-time bidding technology basis enabling them to bid on the space they believe is most valuable.

Mobiles and smartphone technologies will be the main viewing platform with 75% of digital ads being social in nature with the ability to be shared, discussed and recommended.

They estimate that at present this form of rich media display ads represent only about 6% of the spend but will grow to 50% particularly for brand building and marketing campaigns with the display advertising growing to a $50 billion industry in the next five years.

It is something that we all have to take notice of but not all that likely to have a great impact on the small business owner apart from acknowledging that if that happens it must be working!

There is no reason, however, not to embrace the technology and make more use of video and other developing technologies in our own marketing efforts.

Are you using video and if so how and with what success? Post your video links!

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