7 Simple Tips to Make your Blog Content Spread

Blog for more visitors

So, why should you blog? Being in the web design and optimisation business, my first question when meeting a new potential client is “Why do you want a website”? The answers can be wide and varied but many are very similar to “Well, you need one these days, don’t you”, “Everyone else has one”, “We need to be on the … Continue reading

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Mobile commerce – the changing landscape in 2014

Only 38% success from mobile

Mobile eCommerce is growing at a rate-of-knots! But are retailers taking advantage of this next frontier for new customers and the opportunity for higher conversions? The answer seems to be a resounding no, or at least, not yet! The infographic below, analysing mobile conversions, shows that most marketers have been slow to adopt and adapt to the opportunities offered by … Continue reading

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10 ways to convert more customers with psychology

10 tactics to ethically convert more customers

Using psychology in the conversion funnel The secret to more sales is understanding what it is your customer wants and offering either a product or service to satisfy that need. In fact, some would say it is the first ‘law’ of marketing. Ethically persuade more customers to say Yes! The following are 10 approaches towards that goal based on a … Continue reading

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SEO’s Two Most Important Tactics

SEO’s Two Most Important Tactics

A recent blog post, titled as the above, on SiteProNews started out with the following paragraph It used to be a fairly accurate statement to say that SEO was a finite task. You executed some keywords, meta-data, and a few tricks of the trade, and then focused on your site’s products and services. Rankings fluctuated, but usually not erratically. and … Continue reading

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Google starts using HTTPS as ranking signal!

HTTPS Security Lock

Google confirms security is a top priority – now using HTTPS as a ranking signal It might not be too much of a surprise as people using Search, Gmail and Google Drive, for example, already have an automatic secure connection to these Google services. A spokesman at Google said, “Beyond our own stuff, we’re also working to make the Internet … Continue reading

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3 Myths About Duplicate Content

3 Myths About Duplicate Content

Google Authorship could help! The words “duplicate content penalty” strike fear in the hearts of marketers. People with no SEO experience use this phrase all the time. Most have never read Google’s guidelines on duplicate content . They just somehow assume that if something appears twice online, asteroids and locusts must be close to decimating all their efforts! Google’s recent decision … Continue reading

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