HTML5 – When will it take over the web development world?

HTML5 like Responsive Design is a hot topic

HTML5 - new standardHTML5, the new Web standard, has generated debate and discussion and shouldn’t be too surprising as Internet technologies have changed considerably since the late ’90s.

A 2012 Kendo UI survey, “HTML5 Adoption Fact or Fiction: Developers Wade Through the Hype,” asked developers – those who are working directly with and are closest to all new software developments – what they thought about it.

The infographic below outlines their views and where and when they think it will become the norm:


Click for larger image

HTML5 App-Titude: How Do Developers Feel About the Latest Web Standard?

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  1. Great! This is very simple and easy to understand specially the image i learned a lot from your post. This is worth sharing!

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