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Cart Abandonment – how to minimise it!

Hubspot recently highlighted 4 steps to increase shopping cart conversion. The first three involve some analysis, testing and possible modifications to your checkout process but the fourth is within every ecommerce site owner’s grasp. Rewarding Repeat Customers According to the Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University, only 12%-15% of customers are loyal to a single retailer, but that small … Continue reading

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Can Google+ overtake Facebook in 2011 or when?

Have you signed up to Google+ yet? However, if you do try and signup you will be asked to leave your email as the ‘project’ is ‘closed’ until further notice and was initially open to users by invitation only. But, don’t let that stop you! If your are already using Facebook in your inbound marketing toolbox then jumping on the … Continue reading

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Facebook Edgerank, why is it important?

Facebook Edgerank A question was asked recently on a Facebook status update about how can you ensure your post is seen by the largest amount of the online community. Apart from writing a blog post or some other piece of content and linking to it on Twitter or creating a press release and publishing it, in this instance it was … Continue reading

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Facebook: What are the benefits of a business landing page?

Facebook Business Landing Pages boost Likes For most Facebook users with a business page the main objective is for business expansion through user/visitor engagement. Whenever a visitor lands on your Facebook page they are able to see, browse and also share your posts. However, once they leave some may never return again or visit very rarely. However, if you can … Continue reading

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SEO: Have you had a bad experience?

Was reading a blog post on the University of Salford SEO blog relating to the importance of SEO. It was written by a website owner who had had a bad experienced with their SEO expert and took one of the university’s seo courses. Posted a comment which on reflection thought would share here as the experience he had is not that … Continue reading

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Facebook: New pages – size does matter!

Some limitations of the new Facebook pages format The layout and format of the recently launched or as some might see it, imposed, has generally been acknowledged as an improvement in overcoming some of the shortcomings of the previous FBML standard. The improvements are on two levels 1) the operational level and 2) the coding level. The operational benefits of … Continue reading

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