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Enforcement of cookie consent law for analytics not a priority

Analytics or feature based cookies are pretty low on enforcement scale As the deadline for the enforcement of the UK’s Privacy and Electronic Communications law looms even closer (26 May 2012) there has, at last, been some light and clarity about the rules surrounding the requirement of both informing and getting visitor acceptance of the setting of cookies and in … Continue reading

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EU Cookie Law – will you be prosecuted?

Impending enforcement of European Union Cookie Law directive! Last May posted an announcement by ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) that New Laws for the use of cookies that store online user information were to be introduced on 26 May 2011. The announcement made it clear that websites that don’t comply with the european law directive could be prosecuted with large fines … Continue reading

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Can I have a Cookie, please? Maybe, but not for 12 months say ICO!

New Laws for the use of cookies that store online user information May 26th 2011 marks the date when new rules, the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, governing the use of cookies by websites comes into force in the UK and across Europe. (See BBC video below for an overview.) For those who can remember the Cookie Bear in … Continue reading

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Price less important than security for UK ecommerce users

Reputation not Price!

Of those surveyed only 26% said price was most important factor.

28% of more than 1,300 online users surveyed by Webcredible said that, despite the recession, reputation of the retailer was more than price when buying online mainly because of security fears.

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