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Border Checks Row–Example of Google’s new freshness update!

The Freshness Update – Google’s newest algorithm change Google continues, in its opinion, to improve it search algorithm on the basis of providing the best and most relevant content to its customers, the general search public. In most instances they are small and incremental improvements that no-one particularly gets excited about but its recent updates, Panda earlier in the year … Continue reading

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Using description tag creatively to boost conversion

How the description tag can improve clickthrough and conversion

Google search resultsIn a previous blog post regarding the description tag for search marketing, even although Google no longer (or ever did) use it in their search algorithm, it was suggested that it was still important enough to take time crafting it effectively.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, did confirm that it is still used, and displayed below the page title in search page results, when relevant to the search terms entered.

So, how can it be used effectively to help increase clickthrough rates?

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SEO – There’s more to it than ‘set it and forget it’!

Common misunderstandings about search engine optimization

It’s still surprising how many new website owners still believe that all that is needed is to register a domain name, host space, setup a site either themselves or use an outside agency, add their preferred keywords to the meta keywords tag, submit it to Google and then sit back and wait on visitors and leads to pour in.

There might have been a time when that just may have worked but not today with the volume of new sites launched and literally millions of new pages, if not more, published everyday.

The competition for first page ranking in Google is fierce and unrelenting. But not impossible!

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Optimising for “Bricks & Mortar” Sales

Making the most of every visitor on- and off-line!

Depending on the type of business or market segment it is sometimes an advantage to seek to attract site visitors to your “bricks & mortar” stores.

If you are an online business that sees an advantage in face-to-face interaction there are a number of challenges and issues to be faced and addessed to enable that process.

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It’s a question for search!

Are you answering your visitors questions?

Every search made by a prospective customer or client is asking a question of one sort or another.

They are searching because they want or need to find out about something. They might want to find out where something is or who knows about it.

They might be interested or just browsing. Or they may have an urgent need.

Every time someone carries out a search, they are asking a question and search engines answer questions:-

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Are you ready for mobile search

Is mobile search growing in importance for everyday businesses?

The simple answer is Yes!

Mobile internet access is set to grow with the increasing popularity of devices such as Apple’s iPhone with recent research from NetMarketShare.com (see below) reporting that mobile browsing now account for 1.3% of all browsing.

WebMedia clients confirm research data!

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