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Is Google’s Panda just ‘at it’ or doing its best to make search better?

Google's Breeding Pandas!

Google’s Pandas can’t stop breeding! In the last two weeks there has been four updates to Google’s search algorithm. The most recent four are (in date introduced): Panda algorithm update (September 27th): This was a fairly large update which is designed to target low-quality, spun content and primarily content farms Exact Match Domain (EMD) update (September 28th): To reduce the … Continue reading

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What impact does Social Media Sites have on SEO?

Google+ activity seems to top the list! Although, as the testers admit, the results have no real statistical significance and as such can’t be taken as definitive, they are indicative of what social media platforms just might be worthy of more attention. It’s not surprising that Google+ tops the list of sites which seemed to drive the most SEO value … Continue reading

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Is SEO bad? No, but a penalty for over-optimised content!

Google will penalize if you over-optimize! During a recent SXSW panel Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google has been working on a new penalty that targets over-optimized or overly SEO’ed content. It will penalize sites that optimize for search engine ranking rather than specifically for relevance to entered search terms. Or put another way; not focused on ‘customer satisfaction’. He confirmed that … Continue reading

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What should site bounce rate be?

What is your sites bounce rate? “Are you using any website analytics?” is not a question that you generally need to ask a new or potential client as it is easy enough to find out for yourself but it’s surprising just how many sites don’t! Even if Google Analytics is installed, asking, “What is your site’s bounce rate“, although a fairly … Continue reading

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In 2012 will Google change the way we market on internet?

Is Google becoming the competition? Brian Whalley, search marketer at HubSpot published a blog post on the HBR (Harvard Business School) Blog Network, entitled Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012, forecasting some of the things Google is doing that will impact on search marketing in 2012 and beyond. He highlighted three areas that will contribute to the changes outlined. … Continue reading

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Google Analytics–More new features

More Google Analytics updates/improvements Google continues to try and improve and make more relevant all its offerings whether that is search based or in this case relating to its free Google Analytics. With all the Panda updates that have gone on this year alone it is sometimes difficult for many site owners to understand the real impact these may have … Continue reading

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