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Multi Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Multi channel reports are now live The long awaited and much needed multi channel reporting facility is now available when using the new version of Google Analytics. Marketers will now be able to see and attribute value to the different channels which contribute to a customer conversion. When a customer makes a sale or completes some other conversion action … Continue reading

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Google: Quality Score – how to improve it!

Quality Score is not a fixed measurement The QS (quality score) shown in your Adwords account is an indicative measure and not an absolute but is an indication of how well Google thinks you’re doing. It is calculated, in real-time, each time a searcher enters a search query and used in the decision if your ad will be shown, what … Continue reading

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Google: PPC Instant Preview – How will it impact CTR?

Google instant serps preview Most browsers (searchers that is) will have used, seen or at least have been aware of the instant preview option available for search results (the little magnifying glass alongside page title). What impact it had on click-through rates (CTR) is difficult to define although it it was suggested that layout, design and overall aethetics might become … Continue reading

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The 10 important elements for landing page design

What are 10 important elements for website landing page design Not every page a visitor arrives at is the home page (and it’s the one you have probably spent most time getting right). Organic search results could send a possible customer to a page deeper into your website (a page that may not be as highly optimised, focused or targeted). … Continue reading

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Adwords Quality Score Explained by Google

Google video explains the effect of Quality Score (QS)

Much has been discussed, written and explained both here and elsewhere about how Quality Score impacts your Adwords PPC advertising.

Google keeps all things pretty close to their chest so when they make the effort and take the time to give a few insights into their thinking, in this case the Adwords’ Bid Auction process, we should all take the time and make an effort to listen.

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Google Adwords Search Funnels

Google announces new paid search reporting facilities but there are concerns

On March 26 Google, in their Inside Adwords blog announced the introduction (beta) of Search Funnels.

Search Funnels introduce a new level of reporting which show, among other data, the ad click and impression behavior that relates to and contributes to the process leading to a final conversion.

Although a welcome addition for PPC paid search marketing the announcement has raised a few concerns from industry professionals as it involves the sharing of conversion data.

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