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MailChimp Snap, Crackle & Pop!

MailChimp Marketing Software

MailChimp Snap – Mobile Email Marketing App No, it’s not a new marketing campaign for Kellogs Rice Crispies but a new email marketing app from MailChimp! MailChimp Snap is a mobile app to help retailers communicate quickly and easily with their customers about new products just in. Unfortunately, at present it is available for iOS only but MailChimp confirm the … Continue reading

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The Psychology Drivers of Ecommerce [Infographic]

The psychological drivers that influences Ecommerce buying decisions Analysis of psychological drivers influencing online buying behaviour and decisions. Identifying and knowing what factors are important in the buying cycle and those that can have a positive influence is critical in smoothing the passage of potential buyers through your sales funnel. It’s important to remember that not all decisions are made … Continue reading

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9 tips to optimise your ecommerce site

The Get Elastic Blog published today a post entitled 5 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Site Matters More Than Ever and highlighted 9 areas that can help ecommerce site owners maximise their online activity (see below). Online sales are growing faster than offline sale Delloitte’s forecast there will be a 14% increase in non-store sales. Non-store sales, in this context, includes … Continue reading

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QR Codes – Subway shopping, just one thing they are good for!

QR Codes – good for something, then! In an earlier post, entitled QR Codes: What good are they?, I listed a number of ways that businesses could utilise QR codes to help generate interest, leads and eventually, sales. For those who were maybe unsure of what they were, I used the example of supermarket checkouts to give an elementary explanation, where … Continue reading

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Google, Yahoo & Bing adopt new web coding microformat

How will Schema impact on SEO? On 9 June 2011, it was announced that the web’s leading search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, are giving their support to what appears to be a significant update to the way they will be indexing content apparently starting now and in the future. The announcement doesn’t appear to have received any great coverage … Continue reading

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QR Codes: What good are they?

What are QR Codes? First of all it might be useful to explain a little bit about what they are. WikiPedia gives the definition:- A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on … Continue reading

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