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RankBrain: four SEO tactics you’ll need to survive

What does RankBrain do?

RankBrain – Google’s AI relevance engine Google calls RankBrain when it’s in use, “the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query.” Google’s mission: to terminate any web pages from its results that don’t provide the highest-quality content and to find the most relevant answers for users. Now marketers who want to gain precious visibility on always-shrinking organic … Continue reading

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The 10 important elements for landing page design

What are 10 important elements for website landing page design Not every page a visitor arrives at is the home page (and it’s the one you have probably spent most time getting right). Organic search results could send a possible customer to a page deeper into your website (a page that may not be as highly optimised, focused or targeted). … Continue reading

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Why Website Optimisation

Website optimisation – what good can it do?

Two sides of the same coin

SEO and WSO are two sides of the same coin! Both work to ensure your web site is successful but in different ways.

SEO builds traffic and drives visitors to your site and WSO converts them to paying customers & clients.

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