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Black Friday, Cyber Monday – It’s Xmaaaa…s!

In case anyone has missed it, it’s that time of year again – Christmas and all that goes with it! It’s the time for giving and receiving and that usually means trying to think of gifts to give your special friends and loved ones. It’s never easy and can be difficult to get it right even some of the time! … Continue reading

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7 Simple Tips to Make your Blog Content Spread

Blog for more visitors

So, why should you blog? Being in the web design and optimisation business, my first question when meeting a new potential client is “Why do you want a website”? The answers can be wide and varied but many are very similar to “Well, you need one these days, don’t you”, “Everyone else has one”, “We need to be on the … Continue reading

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16 steps to optimise your landing pages

16 steps to better landing pages & five of the biggest mistakes Every page of your web site could be considered a landing page as depending on how effective your search optimisation strategy is a visitor could link to almost any page. Ensuring that page is as relevant as possible and maintains the scent of search is difficult as the exact search … Continue reading

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What is your customer lifetime value?

Knowing your customer lifetime value is important! Lifetime Value (LTV) is the essentially the income/revenue that once a customer is aquired they will contribute to your business during the period of time they remain a customer and continue to buy from you. So, why is lifetime value important Knowing the contribution that an average customer makes to your bottom line … Continue reading

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Cart Abandonment – how to minimise it!

Hubspot recently highlighted 4 steps to increase shopping cart conversion. The first three involve some analysis, testing and possible modifications to your checkout process but the fourth is within every ecommerce site owner’s grasp. Rewarding Repeat Customers According to the Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University, only 12%-15% of customers are loyal to a single retailer, but that small … Continue reading

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Why do you need a website redesign?

To redesign or not to redesign that is the question! No it’s not! The most important question to ask is why you think you need to have a redesign in the first place. I’m not saying that websites shouldn’t be the subject of a full redesign, if really necessary, but sometimes when the question is answered it turns out that … Continue reading

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