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Are QR codes (quick response) catching on at last?

QR Codes double in use in 2011 Mobile technology provider Nellymoser reported in Adweek that 8% of magazine ads in December 2011 included an interactive quick-response or QR code compared to 3.6% in January. In a survey of the top 100 magazine titles throughout the year there was an increase in the use of QR codes particularly in the beauty, fashion and home sectors … Continue reading

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Google Places – It’s changing face

New Look for Google Places Google announced last Thursday changes to the look and layout of their Google Places listings. More importantly they are dopping or, at least, relegating 3rd party reviews and mentions giving them a lower priority. It would appear they are giving reviews from Google account users a higher and more prominent role and have added more … Continue reading

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QR Codes – Subway shopping, just one thing they are good for!

QR Codes – good for something, then! In an earlier post, entitled QR Codes: What good are they?, I listed a number of ways that businesses could utilise QR codes to help generate interest, leads and eventually, sales. For those who were maybe unsure of what they were, I used the example of supermarket checkouts to give an elementary explanation, where … Continue reading

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Can I have a Cookie, please? Maybe, but not for 12 months say ICO!

New Laws for the use of cookies that store online user information May 26th 2011 marks the date when new rules, the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, governing the use of cookies by websites comes into force in the UK and across Europe. (See BBC video below for an overview.) For those who can remember the Cookie Bear in … Continue reading

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100 facts that confirm the importance of Inbound Marketing

100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs Compiled by Hubspot Inbound Marketing they confirm the growing importance of inbound marketing technologies and platforms for today’s businesses both large and small (see slideshow below). Traditional Marketing Traditional or outbound marketing was based on who could shout the loudest and catch the attention of the often uninterested passer-by, be that by press, … Continue reading

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Google: Quality Score – how to improve it!

Quality Score is not a fixed measurement The QS (quality score) shown in your Adwords account is an indicative measure and not an absolute but is an indication of how well Google thinks you’re doing. It is calculated, in real-time, each time a searcher enters a search query and used in the decision if your ad will be shown, what … Continue reading

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