Google Glass – the future or what?

Augmented Reality or Replacement

The Google product director, Steve Lee, says it brings communication closer to our senses and helps get it out of the way when it’s not needed!

Hailed as a breakthrough it is scheduled for general release this year for everyone. You and I will be able to interact where, when and why we want to. That’s the aim.

Not everyone is over the moon as evidenced by some of the comments on YouTube about this newest of Google’s innovations.

Watch and see for yourself if it would make a difference to you in your everyday life. Comments welcome below!

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2 Responses to Google Glass – the future or what?

  1. I like the idea of Steve Lee. Google glass is such an amazing invention. I would love to get one as soon as it launches in the market.

  2. seodml says:

    Even though I wear glasses all my life, I don’t see why people with good eyesight would wear that. It looks too much on the face. Contact lens may be. And this could just be a good start for that.

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