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Why do you need a website redesign?

To redesign or not to redesign that is the question! No it’s not! The most important question to ask is why you think you need to have a redesign in the first place. I’m not saying that websites shouldn’t be the subject of a full redesign, if really necessary, but sometimes when the question is answered it turns out that … Continue reading

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Google, Yahoo & Bing adopt new web coding microformat

How will Schema impact on SEO? On 9 June 2011, it was announced that the web’s leading search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, are giving their support to what appears to be a significant update to the way they will be indexing content apparently starting now and in the future. The announcement doesn’t appear to have received any great coverage … Continue reading

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Can I have a Cookie, please? Maybe, but not for 12 months say ICO!

New Laws for the use of cookies that store online user information May 26th 2011 marks the date when new rules, the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, governing the use of cookies by websites comes into force in the UK and across Europe. (See BBC video below for an overview.) For those who can remember the Cookie Bear in … Continue reading

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Facebook: New pages – size does matter!

Some limitations of the new Facebook pages format The layout and format of the recently launched or as some might see it, imposed, has generally been acknowledged as an improvement in overcoming some of the shortcomings of the previous FBML standard. The improvements are on two levels 1) the operational level and 2) the coding level. The operational benefits of … Continue reading

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Website fonts can make that little extra difference

New web fonts supported by Google Web designers have always been restricted, in comparison with print media and other mediums, by the limitation imposed by the availability of the every day fonts available to non digital design. There has only been a few serif and san-serif fonts supported limited by those resident on a users machine rather than the browser. … Continue reading

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Amazon’s success through testing

Amazon – Progessive and incremental changes for higher conversion

Amazon 1995

If you’ve been on recently you will have noticed they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. How many can remember what Amazon’s site looked like 10 years ago?

I can’t remember either but I know it looked nothing like it does today!

Amazon UK’s big brother is three years older being launched in 1995 and this is what it looked like when it first arrived on the scene (on the right):-

Amazon re-design or Evolution?

Today is looks a lot different (below) and looks like it’s gone through some major re-design since first being launched when it just sold books.

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